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Doula Services

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Doula Services By Natural Baby Doulas

I work with two other Bradley Method childbirth educators and doulas in the Triad to provide doula services to our clients.  To learn more about the other doulas and the services we provide, please visit

I believe in the natural process of birth and am amazed at how well our bodies are made.  I believe that any woman can give birth to her baby naturally, in comfort, without the need for drugs with the proper education, support and training.  I believe that a Doula plays a key role in the comfort and well being of both mom and dad during labor and birth.


 Doula statistics ...

  • 50% reduction in the ceserean rate

  • 25% shorter labor

  • 60% reduction in epidural requests

  • 40% reduction in oxytocin use

  • 30% reduction in analgesia use

  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

Doula Services Include:

  • A complimentary interview to determine if Natural Baby Doulas are the right doulas for you. Birth is an intimate experience and only those you are comfortable and feel safe around should attend your birth.

  • 2 prenatal visits which include helping you write a birth plan, discussion on comfort measures, labor accessories and tools needed, (birth ball, hot or cold packs, massage, pillows, music, etc.), nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and any other needs or desires that you may wish to discuss.

  • 24/7 email availability throughout your pregnancy and 24/7 phone support the month of your due date.

  • On-call period starting from your 38th week of pregnancy until you deliver.

  • Continuous birth doula support as soon as you request it. We can meet you at your home or your place of birth when my assistance is requested and stay continuously until your baby is born.

  • Still photos taken if desired.  No extra charge for this service because photos are not guaranteed. But, when it is possible, pictures will document the whole birth process, i.e. different laboring positions, memorable moments, etc.  I will send you digital copies of all the pictures by our postpartum visit. 

  • Comfort techniques during labor including: massage, aromatherapy, relaxation & pain management techniques, positioning suggestions, plus information about medical procedures when needed.

  • Post birth-care. Your Doula will stay after your birth for 1-2 hours and help with initiating breastfeeding. When your family is comfortable and settled, we will leave you to enjoy your new family.

  • One postpartum visit to go over breastfeeding, bonding, general baby care, etc.

My doula fee is $800.

  • Discount to  Bradley Method® students;   $700

Credit card payments, bartering and payment plans are also an option for payment of doula services.  If there is a will, we will definitely find a way! 

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