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Christina and her husband, Brian, are the proud parents of two beautiful boys, ages 7 and 4 years.  In 2004, when Christina gave birth to their first son in a hospital, she was given an epidural for pain relief.  However, both Christina and her son experienced serious side effects from it, so when she became pregnant for the second time in 2008, it was her hope to find a better way of birthing.  She was so happy to find The Bradley Method® and learn about pregnancy, her body and how to have a natural childbirth.  With the help and support of her endearing and wonderful husband, the birth was beautiful!  Christina & baby were both alert, healthy and our family bonded tremendously after the delivery.  This momentous event inspired her to help other families achieve a natural childbirth. 

As a natural childbirth educator, Christina has bonded with many of the couples that have taken my class over the years.  Many of them have asked her to attend their births with them as their doula.  Hence, her doula services were born.  It is one of the most beautiful experiences to watch a new life come into this world.  Her passion for childbirth, training as a Bradley Method® teacher and personal experience having both an epidural and a natural childbirth has given her a unique perspective in which she can support laboring mothers. 

Breastfeeding became another passion for Christina after nursing both of her sons during the first years of their lives.   The bonding between mother and baby was awesome and has led to a close relationship to this day with her sons.  The health benefits that were apparent were also tremendous.  Neither of her sons saw a pediatrician for a cold, cough or ear infector for over the first two years of their lives.  Furthermore, allergies and asthma ran in their families and neither of her two sons has shown any signs of them.  While every mother faces at least one breastfeeding challenge in their nursing career, Christina overcame hers by learning about breastfeeding and finding the support in her area.  With education, support and commitment each mother and baby can achieve a successful breastfeeding relationship.







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